Civil Procedure

Fall 2022

Class Meeting Time: Monday and Wednesday 1:00-2:50 p.m.

Required Materials

(1) Joseph W. Glannon, Andrew M. Perlman, and Peter Raven-Hansen, Civil Procedure: A Coursebook, Fourth Edition (2021), ISBN 9781543826258

  • Students can purchase a print or ebook version of the coursebook—note the ISBN number is different for the ebook and it is cheaper—but you must purchase the Fourth Edition. If you purchase a new print version of the book you can get free access to the ebook version. Also if you want to purchase the optional materials (see below) it is cheaper to purchase everything together in a bundle. For more information about the Glannon coursebook and the different options, check out Aspen Publishing's website.

(2) Other materials posted on this website or distributed to you via Blackboard, including provisions in the following laws:

Optional Materials

(1) Joseph W. Glannon, Examples and Explanations for Civil Procedure, Eighth Edition (2018), ISBN 9781454894025 (this book contains hypothetical questions and detailed explanations of the answers) - the USD Law Library has an online subscription to this book and the link to the online ebook is posted on Blackboard

(2) Joseph W. Glannon, Andrew M. Perlman, and Linda Sandstrom Simard, PracticePerfect Civil Procedure, ISBN 9781543817317 (this is an interactive study aid from Aspen Publishing with videos, illustrative examples, and practice questions)

Reading Assignments

I. Introduction

8/22: Pages 3-40 of the Glannon coursebook (CB 3-40) and the following provisions which are available online at the links above

II. Subject Matter Jurisdiction

8/24: CB 43-74 (diversity jurisdiction in the federal courts) and

  • U.S. Constitution Article III, Section 2 (Scope of Judicial Power)

  • U.S. Constitution Amendment XIV (Fourteenth), Section 1

  • 28 U.S.C. § 1251

  • 28 U.S.C. § 1332(a)-(c), (e)

Note: additional assignments will be added on a weekly basis