Trademark Law

Fall 2020
Class meeting time via Zoom: Tuesday and Thursday 4:00-5:15 pm
Office hours via Zoom or telephone: Tuesday and Thursday 1:15-3:45 pm or by appointment

Course DescriptionThis course provides an overview of trademark and unfair competition law.  We will discuss the purpose of these laws, the requirements for trademark protection, and the scope and enforcement of trademark rights.  Specifically, we will cover the concepts of distinctiveness, functionality, and use of a trademark; the procedural and substantive aspects of trademark registration; geographic limits on trademark rights; trademark infringement, dilution, cybersquatting, counterfeiting, false advertising, false endorsement, and the right of publicity; and defenses and remedies in trademark actions.

Required Materials: Version 7.0 of Barton Beebe's casebook Trademark Law: An Open-Source Casebook is available at this link.

Reading Assignments 
8/18: Pages 10-30 of the casebook (CB); Optional: Watch the USPTO’s Trademark Basic Facts videos at or read the Basic Facts About Trademarks booklet
I. Establishing Trademark Rights
8/20: CB 31-63; Think of one brand that you use or like (e.g., Starbucks coffee), and search for that trademark by clicking "Search our trademark database (TESS)" at
8/25: CB 36-52 
8/27: CB 52-76; CB 91-97; OptionalFrito-Lay CB 76-91
9/1: CB 107-142; Optional:Two Pesos CB 98-107
9/3: CB 132-160
9/8: CB 160-198
9/15: CB 227-247
9/17: CB 247-277
9/22: CB 269-309; OptionalITC (2nd Cir.) and ITC (NY) CB 309-25
9/24: CB 325-360
9/29: Stone Brewing Co. v. Millercoors LLC, 445 F.Supp.3d 1113, 1113-1137 (S.D. Cal. 2020); CB 369-392 [Skip: Virgin Enterprises CB 361-368]
10/1: CB 392-425
10/5 at noon: First writing assignment is due - please post it on TWEN
10/6: CB 406-437
10/8: CB 437-467
10/13: CB 450-488
10/15: CB 488-525
10/20: CB 514-543; CB 552-61 [Skip: Desert Beauty CB 544-551]
10/22: CB 561-592