International IP

Spring 2020

Class Meeting Time on Zoom: Monday and Wednesday 4:00-5:15 pm
Office Hours via Phone: Send me an email with the day(s) and time(s) you are available any day of the week and we can set up a mutually-convenient time to talk that works for both of us. 

Course Description: This course examines international protection of intellectual property. We will discuss international treaties, trade agreements, and dispute resolution systems relating to trademarks, patents, copyrights, and related rights. The course will also cover acquisition and enforcement of intellectual property rights in foreign markets.

Required Materials: We will be using a draft version of the third edition of the book International Intellectual Property Law and Policy by Graeme Dinwoodie, Rochelle Dreyfuss, Shira Perlmutter, and Graeme Austin. Students will also be required to review other materials available on the Internet or TWEN, including certain provisions of intellectual property treaties and trade agreements which are available at this link.

Reading and Writing Assignments:
I. Introduction
1/6: Chapter 1 of the Dinwoodie book; Optional reading: The World Intellectual Property Organization's publication What is Intellectual Property? 
II. International Law and Institutions
1/8: Pages 1-27 of Chapter 2
1/13: Pages 27-57 of Chapter 2
III. Trademark and Unfair Competition Law
1/15: Pages 1-26 of Chapter 3
1/20: MLK holiday - no class
1/22: Pages 26-53 of Chapter 3
1/27: Guest lecture by Kayla Jimenez; Pages 1-11 of Chapter 9 (Madrid Protocol); watch the video Basic Facts about Trademarks: What Every Small Business Should Know on the USPTO website at this link
1/29: Pages 53-80 of Chapter 3; Paris Conv. Art. 4 & 6quinquies
2/3: Pages 80-119 of Chapter 3; Paris Conv. Art. 6bis; TRIPS Art. 16
2/5: Pages 119-44 of Chapter 3; reread pages 31-35 of Chapter 2 (Lopez); Paris Conv. Art. 10bis
2/10: Pages 144-175 of Chapter 3; TRIPS Articles 15-21; Optional reading for the next four classes: 2015 EU Trade Mark Directive (click here) and 2017 EU Trade Mark Regulation (click here)
2/12: Pages 176-203 of Chapter 3
2/17: Pages 197-26 of Chapter 3
2/19: Pages 217-55 of Chapter 3
IV. Patent and Trade Secret Law
2/24: Pages 1-28 of Chapter 5
2/26: Guest lecture by Joe Reid; Review the ITC Complaint and Response and skim the Order in this patent dispute (these documents are posted on the Course Materials page of TWEN)
3/2 & 3/4: Spring break - no class
3/8 at 10 pm: first practice exam due to me via email
3/9: Pages 28-48 and 66-77 of Chapter 5; Optional reading: Pages 48-66 of Chapter 5
3/11: Pages 43-48, 66-90 of Chapter 5
3/16 & 3/18: Classes are canceled so we can transition to online classes
3/23: Pages 77-110 of Chapter 5
3/25: Pages 102-40 of Chapter 5
3/30: Pages 1-2, 27-51 of Chapter 8 (Exhaustion - patent and trademark law)
4/1: Guest lecture by Matt Bresnahan; Review Patent Basics handout posted on TWEN; Optional reading: WIPO's PCT websiteWIPO's FAQ about the PTCFilled-in Sample of the PCT Request Form; Filled-in Sample of the PCT Demand Form
4/2 at 10 p.m.: Essay answer to practice exam on patent law due via email
V. Copyright Law
4/3 (Fri) at 4 p.m.: Pages 1-14 of Chapter 6 (Copyright); Review the Berne Convention and Articles 9-14 of TRIPS.
4/6: Pages 1-48 of Chapter 6; Review the Berne Convention and Articles 9-14 of TRIPS   [Note: I apologize for the long assignment on Monday, but we didn't get to copyright on 4/3 due to my discussion of the answer to the practice exam, exhaustion, and advice about evaluating a patent law issue, and I want to finish this part of the copyright materials on Monday 4/6.]
4/8: Pages 48-83 of Chapter 6
4/10 (Fri) at 4 p.m.: Pages 83-120 of Chapter 6   [Note: this class makes up our 3/18 class and it is voluntary for you to attend since it is on a different day; I won't call on anyone during this class but I can answer questions or you can volunteer to talk.]