Trademark Litigation

Spring 2021
Co-taught by Lisa Ramsey and Kayla Jimenez, a partner at US IP Attorneys
Class meeting time: Tuesday and Thursday 4:00-5:15 pm

Course Description: This advanced trademark class will provide students with the legal and practical skills necessary to become successful trademark litigators. Students will learn how to litigate a trademark case, including how to develop a case strategy, write a demand letter, and draft pleadings, written discovery, and motions frequently used in trademark litigation. Students will also strengthen their oral advocacy communication skills through class participation and in-class exercises simulating oral arguments before a judge or meetings with partners and clients. They will perform tasks and legal research and analysis similar to junior attorneys involved in actual trademark litigation. The grade will be based on the writing assignments and in-class oral exercises. Prerequisite: Intellectual Property Survey or Trademark Law.

Required Materials: Students do not need to purchase any required materials for this course, but they will be required to read materials available on Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg, or elsewhere online. We will provide information to enrolled students about the reading and writing assignments before the semester begins. Please send me an email if you have any questions about the course.